Our school mission of

“Praising God in every way;

in all we think, do and say”

helps us all try to give our very best each day.


 We pray everyday, sharing Collective Worship

and learning the prayers of the Catholic Church.


Collective Worship Assembly – Judaism

Service of Reconciliation 27th November

Assembly invite Year 5 Baptism and Confirmation 2nd November

Assembly invite Harvest

Assembly Y6 28th September

Assembly invite Y3 PENTECOST

Assembly invite Rec & Nursery RESPECT

Year 5 Tolerance


Year 3 Democracy


RE Topic Ourselves


                                 Harvest Assembly










Latest News


I am very proud and happy to announce that in our RE Inspection last week, we were awarded

Attendance Treats

Treats for 97% to 100% Attendance ………………….. Be in line for 5 to 9  

Swap Box

Children may bring in their own books to read on the yard at lunchtimes. We also have swap

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