St Finbar’s Clubs and Teams – Autumn 2018

After School Clubs

Monday           Glee Club KS2, Board Games, Aming High Y2, Hockey Y3 & Y4

Tuesday          Craft Club KS!, Cookery KS2, Band at Bellerieve

Wednesday    Football KS2, Yoga, I Pad Club, Aming High Y2

Thursday        Dance LSSP, Lego Club, Aiming High Y6

Friday             Street Dance KS1, Lego Y1 & Y2


Royal Wedding

Afternoon Tea


Delicious Scones 









Latest News


I am very proud and happy to announce that in our RE Inspection last week, we were awarded

Attendance Treats

Treats for 97% to 100% Attendance ………………….. Be in line for 5 to 9  

Swap Box

Children may bring in their own books to read on the yard at lunchtimes. We also have swap

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