School Performance Tables

You can access the School Performance Tables for St Finbars published by the Secretary of State on the Department for Educations website by clicking here


School Data

The new National curriculum was assessed in 2016 for the first time. New tests with higher expectations were taken by children at the end of year 2 and year 6.

It is no longer possible to compare school results to previous year’s results as children no longer receive a numbered level.

In place of levels children are assessed to check whether they have achieved the expected standard.  Some children may achieve standards above those expected by children of their age and will be judged to be working at greater depth.


What does ‘expected standard’ mean?

The ‘expected standard’ for Year 6 is met when a pupil achieves at least 100 on a scaled score (which ranges from 80 – 120) in reading; spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) or mathematics in their SAT tests. 

What are scaled scores? 

The ‘scaled score’ is the raw score they achieve on their test papers ‘scaled’ to a score between 80-120.

Children who achieve a scaled score of 110+ on the scaled score are identified as achieving a higher standard.

Outcomes in writing

Outcomes in writing are determined by assessments made by the teaching staff. A child will be assessed by the teacher as meeting the expected standard or working at greater depth within the standard.

Progress Measures

The progress measure for the year group indicates whether the children, collectively, have made progress ‘below’, ‘in line with’ or ‘above’ expectation nationally.

A progress score of approximately 0 means pupils in a school (on average) do about as well at KS2 as those nationally.

positive score means pupils in a school (on average) do better at KS2 than those nationally.

negative score means pupils (on average) do less well at KS2 than those nationally.

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