Our school mission of

“Praising God in every way;

in all we think, do and say”

helps us all try to give our very best each day.

We at St Finbar’s aim to respect and value all

those involved in contributing to the life of our school.

Our purpose, which is founded upon Catholic

principles, is to provide a secure, happy and creative

environment in which children grow spiritually,

emotionally and intellectually, seeking

and celebrating a personal best.

We promote strong relationships with

families and parish, whilst fostering local

and wider world awareness – creating future

good citizens enabling them to grow

through this Mission in action.

Our Mission Statement is currently under review

The mission Statement is a document that underpins everything we do in our school. The Mission Statement is central to the life of the school in fulfilling its purpose as a Catholic School. It is a statement of belief that expresses clearly what the school believes about its meaning and purpose.

It is short, pithy and memorable and can be translated into practice by all.

The components that need to be included are: Catholicity, Curriculum and Relationships/Partnerships (e.g. Home, School and Parish).


As our Mission Statement is the essence of who we are, it is regularly reviewed and changed as needed.


  • All Teaching and non-teaching Staff

  • All Governors

  • Pupils (at a later stage)

The process of compiling a Mission Statement for a school is as important as the actual statement itself. Therefore, the greater the engagement of all members of the school community the stronger the ownership there will be of it.

All staff and Governors have already undertaken sessions to review our current Mission Statement. The next stakeholders to be involved are parents and children.

Please look out for further information or letters regarding our review of the Mission Statement.

If you would like any further information about the process, please see

Ms Haresnape.



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