Our school mission of

“Praising God in every way;

in all we think, do and say”

helps us all try to give our very best each day.


Synod Sunday will be held on Sunday 21st October 2018.

In October 2020 the Archdiocese of Liverpool will hold a gathering called a “Synod” to reflect on what God might be asking of us today and making decisions about the future of our Church. Synod Sunday is a moment when the Church throughout the Archdiocese will pray for God’s blessing on this venture.

The word “syn-od” originally meant “Together on the road”. To help us reflect on our journey over the next two years towards Synod 2020.

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Prayer Life at St Finbar’s

Prayers in class daily – Morning Prayer, Grace before and after lunch & Hometime prayer.

Monday , Friday  Whole School Worship

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday – Collective Worship in class. This will be planned and led by children and staff following a weekly or current theme.

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Harvest Time Collection and Celebration

St Finbars RE report Nov 2018



Easter Service

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