Purpose of Study

Writing is a primary means of expression, both for personal cognitive purposes and for communicating meaning with others.  Our aim is to develop in our children the ability to communicate their ideas fluently and accurately through both orally and through their writing.

Children learn how to write with confidence, fluency, imagination and accuracy by orchestrating their knowledge of context and composition (text level), grammatical knowledge (sentence level) and knowledge of phonics, word recognition and graphic knowledge (word level at Key Stage 1) and a wider range of spelling strategies at Key Stage 2.

We teach writing through 4 stages of Immerse, Analyse, Plan and Write. We use Read to Write planning by Literacy Counts to support our teaching.

At St Finbar’s we provide a wide variety of reasons and purposes for writing and in the Early Years we provide a wide range of opportunities for child initiated writing and mark making.

As soon as children are able to form most letters correctly and have a good pencil grip, we teach a fluent and legible handwriting style that empowers children to write with confidence and creativity. We encourage children to ‘have a go’ at writing as soon as they are ready and to use their phonic skills and spelling knowledge within their writing.


Writing at Home



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Long Term Overview

Reception – Progression Overview

Year 1 – Progression Overview

Year 2 – Progression Overview

Year 3 – Progression Overview

Year 4 – Progression Overview

Year 5 – Progression Overview

Year 6 – Progression Overview