Spring term 2019

Starts: 7th January 2019
Half term: 18th – 22nd February 2019
Ends: 5th April 2019

Staff Training Day Monday 25th February 2019


Summer term 2019

Starts: 23rd April 2019
Half term: 27th – 31st May 2019
Ends: 23rd July 2019

Staff training days

Monday 3rd June 2019
Wednesday 24th July 2019


Autumn term 2018

Starts: 4th September 2018
Half term: 22nd –  26th October 2018
Ends: 20st December 2018
Christmas Holiday:  20th  December – 7thJanuary

Staff training days 2018/19

Monday 3rd September 2018
Monday 29th October 2018
Tuesday 27th November 2018 ( Afternoon)


Calendar 2018-19

Calendar 2017-18


Liverpool City Council Term Dates

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I am very proud and happy to announce that in our RE Inspection last week, we were awarded

Attendance Treats

Treats for 97% to 100% Attendance Attendance Rewards – Termly Be in line for 5 to 9  

Swap Box

Children may bring in their own books to read on the yard at lunchtimes. We also have swap

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